Baiden's Birth Story

Baiden Alton
Born September 23rd 2012.
11:47 a.m, 6lbs 1oz, 18 inches,
On September 21st (Friday) we went to our friend's cabin about 85 miles from home. That night i didnt sleep at all cuz i kept having painful contractions. I didnt know they were contractions for sure though cuz it was mostly in my back and sharp pains shooting down my butt and thigh. But they never got regular so i didnt worry about it.
The next day (Saturday) i decided we'd go home early. I just had this feeling that i NEEDED to go home. So we hung out all day, that night, and at about 12:30am.. we headed home.

As soon as we hit the road... BAM, contractions begin!

I seriously thought "oh here come my normal annoying braxton hicks contractions that ive been having all week". I started drinking lots of water and Gatorade to hydrate myself and to make my contractions stop. They were instantly 3 minutes apart. I kept timing them to make sure they started to space apart like they normally do. 15 minutes go by, contractions were still 2-3 minutes apart and getting pretty strong. 30 minutes..same. I've never felt intense contraction and these were intense. (With Braylee i was induced and i got my epidural asap).
My doc told me if they were 2-3 minutes apart for an hour, to go to the hospital. So an hour of driving goes by, and i told Jeff, "well go straight to the hospital!" I SERIOUSLY thought we'd just get sent home. I was only 36 weeks (that day).
 We got to the hospital at about 2:00am. The nurse checked me at about 2:15am and i was dilated to a "stretchy 3..almost a 4". The nurse said she'd re-check my in an hour, and if i had progressed, i would be admitted. I thought FOR SURE i wouldnt progress. 

 At 3:15 am i was checked again and i was at a 4. 
My contractions were getting really intense, my doc was called, and i was officially admitted at 3:30am.
I couldnt get my epidural yet so to manage pain, they started my I.V at 3:45am and gave me phentenol (spelling). I did NOT like that stuff. All it did was made me really loopy.

I called my mom (and Jeff called his mom) and i sent out the text to all my million sisters to let them know we were having a baby. I also text Nikki Hatch (who was at the cabin). She was going to come be in the room and to take pictures cuz she is amazing. But she was asleep.

I cant really remember when i got my epidural. I think it was around 4:45am, cuz my sister Jessica got there around 5am and i already had my epidural.
At that point i was able to get a little sleep....
(thanks Jess for this adorable pic lol. I look 300 pounds cuz of all the blankets i had on lol)
 Braylee finally fell asleep..
i kept dilated a centimeter about every hour.

At about 8am i was dilated to a 7....
9am i was STILL at a 7...
{{I stalled out}}

This is where i started to panic. The nurse said that Baiden was turned face up (thats bad) and thats why i had stalled out. My sister in law's son was face up and her delivery was a HORROR story. I was SO SO scared! 
At 9:15am pitocin was started to make labor get going again. 
At 10:15 after my water was broke, things started progressing REALLY fast. Baiden's heart rate kept dropping and i was freaking out. They gave me an oxygen mask to help him out. At 10:50 I WAS COMPLETE.
My O.B was about 20 minutes away so the nurse said to just relax while we wait for her. I was happy with that cuz i wanted baby to kinda work his way down himself.

It all worked AMAZING cuz all the sudden, i heard Nikki's voice, and THERE she was!
Oh man i started crying haha. SHE MADE IT!!
(the rest of the photos were taken by her, edited by me, she is amazing!!)

 Jeff ready to deliver the son.. haha he is such a character.

 Jeff getting in trouble lol.

 haha he is out of control..

 11:30a.m my O.B arrived and we geared up for baby!

 And pushing began.

13 rounds of pushing later................
 Baiden Alton Cox :)
Born at 11:47am

 Proud daddy.
 cutting the cord! 

 Respiratory team making sure Baiden could breath on his own..
 Fist time Bray see's brother :)

 They deemed him as good to go! His breathing was good!
 6lbs 1oz :)
 skin to skin.. amazing moment :)

Here is video of the delivery..
Nothing graphic but it IS a delivery... you have been warned lol

Baiden was welcomed into this world safe and sound, 4 weeks early, room filled with family, and the smell of camp fire :) He is PERFECT! Our life is complete :)

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