Our Fairytale

So i know its very cliche and cheesy but i really describe jeff and my relationship as a fairytale :)

I met jeff when i was 16! he was 17. I was the good little princess and Jeff was the bad boy who needed some guidance :) lol. I was in my "ahh my family hates me i have no friends im so fat" stage and Jeff was my prince who made everything better. To this day i am sooo attached to him. He is my rock. My everything. My now KING (the maturing process and everything lol).

No one thought me and jeff would last. No one wanted us together. And that just fueled our fire so to say haha. We proved everyone wrong. Me and jeff have been through ALOT. 

He was my Romeo and i was his Juliet (accept we didnt die lol)..against all odds we conquered it all.

We got together February 10th 2006, miscarried a baby when i was 17. He was due November 14th. Got engaged twice.

 We set a date and combined when we got together with our baby's due date. We Married on November 10th 2007, we were 18 and 19.

Lived in the basement apartment at Jeff mom's till Oct 2008, then bought a condo October 2008.

That November (on our one year anniversary) we found out we were prego with our baby princess BRAYLEE ANN, born 3 weeks early (due to preeclampsia) on June 23rd 2009.
5lbs 15oz, 17.5 inches long :)

In 2011 We finally got pregnant after some time of trying, but i ended up miscarrying at 12 weeks along. And at that same time, found out i had hypothyroidism, and was most likely the cause of my miscarriage.

Took 9 months to get my correct medication dose figured out. So about 1 year after my miscarriage, & after losing a lot of weight and getting healthy, we got pregnant with our baby boy in Feb 2012.

Born a month early (on his own) on September 23rd, 2012! 
6lbs 1oz, 18 inches long!

We have since built a successful life together! Went from living off of Ramans and PB&J... to owning 2 homes, 2 vehicles, and now help others to have that same success story!
(i don't say this to brag... but to inspire)

Our life is amazing. We have come a long way and been through alot. Our love is strong and unbreakable. We are currently working on going through the temple and hope to make our family eternal!


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