{Body Transformation}

So when i was 18, i graduated high school in 2007, and got married November 10th!
I gain about 20 pounds (marriage weight i guess lol)

Then a year later, i got pregnant! We were thrilled.

Well i had high blood pressure that started at 12 weeks along (3 months). If i did as much as walk too much, my blood pressure would sky rocket. My doc was worried about seizures and so forth, so i was put on bed rest for a week, then got off bed rest but i had to quit my jon and sit on my butt for 9 months.. needless to say, i got REAL fat.
I gained 60 pounds!
That makes a total of 80 pounds over weight!

Well after i had Braylee, i lost 30 pounds right off the bat from water weight.
(50 pounds over weight now)

In march of 2010.. i did the HCG diet.

I dont recommend it AT ALL. Yes i got good results.. but its just so un-natural and i believed it caused a health problem that i will discuss shortly.

In 3 weeks, I lost 11 pounds, 2 inches in belly, & 1/2 inch in waist.

Now for the scary before and afters.....

I lost 41 pounds in the first year after having Braylee,
 thats something to be proud of!

And i eventually lost another 9 lbs 
making a total of 50 lbs weight loss!

In the next year, i got way into working out.. I got results, but i always fluctuated and Plataea and didnt loose ANYTHING! I saw results in the inches.. but always gained the inches back (not weight)

April-May 2011

Before (white shirt) 
and After (black shirt)..

Because i lost NOTHING when doing such intense workouts for 3 months, i knew something was medically wrong. So i went to the doctor.

In February 2011, i found out i had HYPOthyroidism. Which is an under-active thyroid glad that makes for a really low metabolism!

It took 9 FRUSTRATING months, but we finally found my right dose and i am FINALLY loosing weight with eating right and going to the gym!


INSANITY {Round 2}

I lost about 10 more pounds!

This puts me at 20 pounds overweight till im back to my Pre-baby, healthy weight!
That is so thrilling.. 

After years of struggling but never giving up, i lost 60 pounds and only have 20 more to go!

BABY #2!

In February 2012 i got pregnant with my baby boy!
Had a healthy pregnancy, and continued my healthy eating and working out!
I had Baiden a month early, but throughout the course of my pregnancy, only gained 20 lbs!

After i had Baiden, it only took my 1 or 2 months to lose the 20 lbs and i was back to square 1,
at 170 lbs!


In 2013, we knew our family was complete, and decided to start "Project Fix Christa!"
With my 60 lbs weight loss, i was left with horrible loose skin!
And we set the date for my Tummy Tuck for April 17th 2013!

I lost 5 more lbs right before my surgery.

April 17th 2013


And 9 months after my TT, continuing to eat right and workout out hard (i muscle train now),
ive lost another 5 lbs!
Which makes a total of 70 lbs weight loss!
January 2014 ^^

i am 10 lbs away from my healthy weight range for my height and what i was in high school!

My journey isn't over yet, but i couldn't be happier with my progress!


TT Transformation

^^after 65 lbs weight loss loose skin… then after my tummy tuck!


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