Braylee's Birth Story

JUNE 23RD 2009 * @ 7:40PM * 5 POUNDS 15 OZ * 17.5 INCHES LONG!
So..tuesday morning at about 7:30AM, we got the call to come in and get induced! We arrived at about 9:15am, got checked in and got to our room at about 9:45am and waited. My I.V was started at 10:30am so i would stay hydrated. My potocin was started at 11:00am, i was at a 3 dialation, and 80% effaced, and her had was at a 0 (all the way down). My water was broke at 12:30 (wow pain) and i needed my epidural by 1:00pm (haha hey i think i lasted pretty long). Scariest thing in my life...although not painfull...just scary and awkward.

I was dialated to a 5 @3:00pm. My epidural started to take over my whole body, i got really nauseated and sick, so they had to turn it off!

 I was dialated to a 7 @5:00pm, and a 9 @5:45! lol. I was ready to deliver by 6:15pm but we had to wait for the doctor and my epidural to wear off some more. By the time the doc got there my epidural was almost all wore off, i could have stood up and walked around lol...i was so scared for the pain of her coming out. I started pushing @ 7:20pm and Little Braylee was here at 7:40pm!!!!! i felt it all! good thing she was small haha.

Braylee is the best thing to ever happen to me aside from my husband Jeff. She is amazing in every way, a perfect baby, and i am so blessed to have her!


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