Thursday, March 1, 2018

2015-2017 Update!!


I fell OFF the blogging train. I haven't really updated anything in the last three years besides what ive put on my Youtube... LAZY!

Lets Begin.

So we moved from our first home, decided we wanted to rent it out and buy a 2nd home. An investment for say.
We moved into my moms basement while we built up a down payment for our 2nd home.
About 8 months later, decided we just had to have our own place, and rented out an apartment.
That was a rough time for our family.
It wasn't a home. We were cramped. It was winter and we were inside a lot... It was a rough year but we stuck it out.

In 2016 we bought our 2nd home and moved to SANTAQUIN Utah (yes... B.F.E. Middle of no where. 40 minutes from my family and jeffs job. But We loved it. At first.
it was cozy. it was safe. we loved the small town vibe.

(Yuba Lake)

(4th of July)
(Baiden's 4th Bday)


It soon became depressing.
no one visited much. It was such a long drive to see my family and friends. It was a 10 min drive to just go to Walmart or the gym.
I began to feel trapped. Isolated. Lonely.
Like i had no one.

Then we got hit with the hardest time of our lives.
Our world was ROCKED with some news about our baby girl.
i won't get into too much detail but its a parents worst nightmare.
i just needed support and love. i was lost. i fell down hard.
Then to top it off... Jeff was hit with the news he would be losing 26k a year from his job.

We were hurting, we were scared, weren't sure how we would afford to live so far away spending so much in gas just to get to work and the grocery store.

So we made the hard decision to sell our home as well as our town home. we had only been there 6 months.
We sold our home, and our investment town home.
we sold it all.
we just picked up and moved back to where we belonged. 
with family and closer to his job.
we saved $300 a month just in GAS.
It was the hardest time in our life... and i just felt so alone and lost.

Around the holidays of 2016, we went and lived at my moms while we sold both houses and looked for our temporary home while we got on our feet.
It was a very emotional time.
we were in 2 rooms of the upstairs on my moms.
had the stress of the holidays.
But it was so nice to be with my family.

Early 2017, we found a twin home.
Its not our dream home... but it will suffice till we get there haha.

2017 was CRAZY.
It was very emotional and hard... but I've never grown so much as a person.
(ill do a separate post on the matter. after all, this is MY blog).

I feel like i can't even post many pictures from 2017 cuz all the people in the pictures are no longer in my life.

It was a PURGE of toxic friendships to say the least.

I feel like i fell down in the mud in 2016, and just kinda stayed there.
rolled around in it.
And as the hard times kept coming, i was no longer just laying in the mud, i was being held down.
no matter how much i wanted to get up, i was stuck.
Not my proudest year.

Needless to say, 2017 was a trip.
But we made it through, and as we filtered out the bad... that welcomed some AMAZING people and new friendships in our life.

We broke through what had been holding us back in life. Let go of fears. Started getting the most out of life. Committed to a cruise! (we had never gone outside of the USA before, OR gone on a cruise.

( Cruise post HERE and HERE )

We ended the year great!
ill do a separate post on whats new in 2018 but this concludes my updated on our life for the last few years!

Im excited to get back into blogging!

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