Monday, February 19, 2018

Socially Retarded Generation

i love people.
i really do. i love people that are different then the "norm". i love flaws. i love perfections too. i think everyone is beautiful. i love people who are brave enough to show their heart and soul.
i love the weird, awkward, & shy.
i love those who are "troubled". (weird?)
All that means is they have a story!
One that could empower people.

You see.
We live in a world where we find resistance (people who are difficult, mean, treat us poorly, looked at us wrong etc)... and our instant reaction is to shut the world out.
"I hate people" "Id rather talk to my cats".
We throw up our walls to protect ourselves, and i get that.

This is why we live in a world with so much "Social" media.. and no human interaction! We simply can't be bothered.
Why would someone CALL me when they can TEXT!?
You want to HANG OUT? In person? Just FaceTime me!
So and so invited you to a bbq with some other humans... but your couch and netflix are just tugging at your soul! Leaving the house would require EFFORT! So we stay.

We've become the most lazy, self righteous, emotionally wounded and socially retarded (the actually meaning. Not slang) generation.

When did our world stop reaching out and helping?
When did we become so about ourselves?!
Yea you got hurt. Yea someone did you wrong. Yea you had a hard childhood. You grew up poor. 
This isn't about you!!
{insert gasp}
You heard me.. THIS LIFE ISNT ABOUT YOU!!!
EVERYBODY is struggling!
EVERYBODY is hurting!

Take your eyes off yourself.
Get out of your own head.

And start reaching out! Start TALKING to people again. Like REALLY talking. Start CARING for others again.

i GUARANTEE YOU... that when you do this... you will find that your own problems will start to get better. You will start to feel better.

If everyone would just focus on loving, and helping others.. we would find so much more joy and VALUE out of life.
Stop walking around a shel of a person who only lives for them self.

The flawed, the scorned, the hurting.
The REALLY annoying ones who seem to always be happy too!
[if positive, happy people repel you... thats when you need to put yourself in check! your vibrations are way off haha.] :)))

LOVE LIFE.... More then medicating/masking pain.
LIVE life!
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