Wednesday, May 31, 2017

Shattered Pieces

Like a cup thats been broken and glued back together
i thought i could handle whatever life weathered
I'm strong and I'm stable, my life is on track
but the water is poured in and it just seeps through the cracks...

A mirror thats been shattered
holding on to what i thought mattered
bloody hands trying to piece it all back.
How did my life get so off track?

Even if i manage to get it all aligned
the flawed reflection is broken, mangled and redefined.
a contorted images of who i once recognized
a stranger in the mirror, and I'm caught mesmerized

caught in the wonder of who stands in front of me
a soul that is trapped and longs to be set free
sad weary eyes that just want to rest
a sleepwalking girl with an empty hole in her chest

why can't i wake up or open my eyes?
why can't anybody hear my cries?

A broken heart can mend
but its never the same
the pain remains dormant
beneath the scars that remain.

the pain is what i hide.
and no its not out of pride.
i hide to feel normal
its me myself and i who are in this quarrel

i always get up and put back on my crown
but no matter what, I'm shoved back down

stuck underwater, swept up like the ocean's undertow
i can't catch my breath, I'm losing control

over and over, i tumble and fall
im in a room thats empty but I'm up against the wall

im suffocating on nothing, my heart races with time
I'm gasping for air but I'm breathing just fine

these thoughts in my head are driving me insane
everyone around me is dancing, and I'm caught in the rain

I'm cold and I'm broken,
my teeth start to chatter
im lost and confused as to why i never mattered?

the wounds are deep but i wear my scars well
so why do i feel like I'm trapped in this hell

I'm here and I'm open, ill go along for the ride
ill wait here until i no longer feel dead inside

ill put my armor back on,
I'm a warrior, i can beat this
keep my face towards the sun..
as i hold tight to all my shattered pieces

-Christa Cox

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