Thursday, August 11, 2016

Trapped In War..

This is been sitting in my drafts for a while.
guess ill finally brave up and post it.
i like to write :)
be easy.

I feel like I'm flying
but I'm chained to the ground
im screaming so loudly
but not making a sound

Im strong
Im stable
at least thats how it would appear
But I'm slapped with reality
Every time i look in the mirror

Im crashing
I'm burning
my face is down in the dirt
my voice speaks so proudly
while my heart screams with hurt

"put on your armor
put on your mask
you're not allowed to feel anger
you're not allowed to lose your grasp"

The beast is in its cage
but its filling with rage

my emotions are contained
but I'm going insane!

bottle it up, keep it tight
Keep going.. don't dim your light.

Im the soldier!
Im the shield!
There is no time for my broken heart to be healed.

But if I'm this warrior i talk myself up to be..
why is it that i allow everyone else to hurt me?

How can i be a warrior, if weapons i lack.
its like I'm fighting with my hands, tied behind my back

will i ever be good enough?
will i make it out of this scuff?

I'm broken and bruised
I'm tired of being used

this battle I'm losing
its all so confusing

im lost in this war
the enemy? I'm unsure.

I'm swinging my fists
I'm taking all the risks.
I'm giving my all..
but no one will be there when i finally fall

Who are you fighting?
Who is your enemy...
then i finally realize
I'm at war........with me.

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