Thursday, March 31, 2016

Getting Stitches Out! {Mastopexy Week 2} || Boob Vlog

I had a small augmentation done in August 2015.
I got it to bring back my upper fullness i lost from weight loss and breast feeding!
2 weeks after surgery, my implants started bottoming out!

6 months later, my boobs were deformed and horrible looking.

On February 26th.. i went to Dr James Clayton and he reconstructed my breast!
including extensive muscle repair, and a reduction/lift.

Here is my surgery post op week 2!

Bottoming Out:
"Bottoming out" occurs when the implant descends below the crease and the breast loses its fullness in the upper pole as it settles into the lower pole. If you have a crease incision, you will see it riding up onto the lower pole of the breast.

On August 28th 2015, i had a breast augmentation done to re-plump my boobs after weightless and breastfeeding!

At 2 weeks post op, i started loosing fullness, and the weeks to follow, my implant started defending below my breast crease :(
So I've currently lost all my upper pole fullness and my implant is now on my ribs :(

Dr James Clayton is the doctor who is fixing the issues and doing my breast lift/reduction

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My Breast Augmentation Video:

*My stats*
160 lbs
34DDD before
300cc Saline mentor round implants. 
Moderate High profile.
Under the muscle
breast crease incision.
34DDD after!

Dr Charles Pledger in Provo Utah did my Tummy tuck in 2013 and initial Breast Augmentation in august 2015
Dr James Clayton in Provo is the surgeon who fixed everything and did my lift/reduction.

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