Thursday, December 31, 2015

Post Operative DEPRESSION {+Bottoming Out Update}

This video is on a very serious but very real and common problem post op.. and thats depression.

i also update you on my apt today with the new surgeon.

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Bottoming Out:
"Bottoming out" occurs when the implant descends below the crease and the breast loses its fullness in the upper pole as it settles into the lower pole. If you have a crease incision, you will see it riding up onto the lower pole of the breast.

On August 28th 2015, i had a breast augmentation done to re-plump my boobs after weightless and breastfeeding!

At 2 weeks post op, i started loosing fullness, and the weeks to follow, my implant started defending below my breast crease :(
So I've currently lost all my upper pole fullness and my implant is now on my ribs :(

So last week i went and got a 2nd opinion, 3rd opinion, and 4th opinion.. on top of my apt with my surgeon!

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*My stats*
34DDD before
300cc Saline mentor round implants. Moderate High profile.
breast crease incision.
34DDD after!

Dr Charles Pledger in Provo Utah did my surgery!

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