Wednesday, December 16, 2015

Breast Implant Falling Out! {Bottoming Out}

Bottoming Out:
"Bottoming out" occurs when the implant descends below the crease and the breast loses its fullness in the upper pole as it settles into the lower pole. If you have a crease incision, you will see it riding up onto the lower pole of the breast.
One thing i REALLY want to get across, is that complications happen. Surgery has risks. You need to be aware of these things. Im sharing my story to help others to avoid this stuff as much as possible.. but just know its always a risk.
You even have the possibility of ripping your muscle etc... all complication possibilities...
Hope this helps!


On August 28th 2015, i had a breast augmentation done to re-plump my boobs after weight loss and breastfeeding!

As you all know, i had my TT done 2 years ago (April 2013). so this was the final step to complete this mommy makeover!

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My Breast Augmentation Video:

*My stats*
34DDD before
300cc Saline mentor round implants. Moderate High profile.
breast crease incision.
34DDD after!

Dr Charles Pledger in Provo Utah did my surgery!

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