Thursday, October 1, 2015

Cry Me A River! {F.A.F.H Vlog #7}

Fitness Athlete Fighting Hypothryroidism Vlog #7

So my 1200 calorie restriction has been going ok! Im feeling ok! Not dying yet haha! But i do get hungry by the end of the day! The hard part is doing little to no sugar and carbs!

Gym days and personal training has been going well as well. I do upper body day and lower body day with my trainer, then an all cardio day on my own followed by another leg/booty day, SOMETIMES another upper body day.
BCAA'S have been saving my life!

One thing i have little patients for.. is when people come to me for fitness help,
but they aren't willing to  listen or actually do what needs to be done.
like they want help... but then just give me excuses.
if all you got is excuses... you aren't ready for the real deal my friend! Said all with love!

Anyway... enjoy the vlog!

I have Hashimotos Hypothyroidism. I was diagnosed in 2011.
Having this disease and trying to be fit (like NPC fit..) has its challenges!

My thyroid has been really off (find that video here

So i decided to start a vlogging series documenting my routine and struggles to become a fitness athlete!


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