Sunday, May 24, 2015

2 year Tummy Tuck Journey!

I can't believe its been TWO years! Its definitely been a crazy roller coaster ride! Many ups and many downs... but there are NO regrets here!
The recovery is long. There are long term effects like numbness and no feeling in the area that is cut. You're abs are going to be sensitive. 
You're going to get a lot of criticism and ignorance... BUT you will also get a lot of love!

I kind of forget what my tummy was like before surgery. When i look back on pictures all i can do is just cry. Cry from gratitude that i got that problem fixed. All the memories and pain and self consciousness flood in.  Memories about how i couldn't even be intimate with my husband without a shirt on. Memories about how i felt so deformed and how unfair it was..

It wasn't easy losing 65 lbs! But i just decided one day i was done living in someone else's body... and i got to work! i am so BLESSED that i was able to get this procedure done!

Here is a fun little flash back of the journey! 

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