Tuesday, March 3, 2015

San Diego California 2014 {Turning Point to my New Life}

In August 2014.. my life changed.
i had the opportunity to go to California (San Diego) with some friends and my new team for my new "job". I wasn't aware that my life was about to change so dramatically. 

It was a BEAUTIFUL experience and i learned there was SO much more to life then what we have been programed to think is "normal".

Here is a little video i made about my trip.
Stay tuned for the next post to learn more about my new outlook on life.


Some of the amazing team!

Our beach house

we got to attend a rooftop party for ages 18-35 who had achieved a certain level achievement (and their guest). i was a guest this year... but it REALLY put a fire under my toosh to want to achieve such amazing goals and get to these parties!

My girls.
These are the two i owe everything to.
The two who told me i could do this. who told me i was good enough.
who got me to California NO MATTER WHAT and didn't let me miss this event that i needed to BADLY in my life! These two are my angels :)
Our beach house view :)

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