Monday, October 27, 2014


Im so incredibly blessed.
blessed to be where i am at right now in life, but also blessed for my past.

 Friendships I've made (even though we aren't in the least bit close at all anymore. but thats ok cuz we always pick up where we left off! and i cherish friendships that have that ability). Friendships that didn't work out, friendships that did.

Im blessed for all my trials, my auto-immune disease thats attacking my metabolism, my bad knees, my health issues that made me gain a million pounds, all the people who have hurt me and used me. all MY mistakes.
Because of those things... i am a warrior, I'm a champion, NOTHING will hold me back. It EMPOWERS me to be better and work HARDER!
Im not bitter, I'm not hateful, i actually THANK people for treating me poorly cuz it teaches me patience, and forgiveness, and without those people, i wouldn't know those great attributes.

But most importantly... I'm so blessed and thankful for where i am at RIGHT now!

Every path in the past has led me to the people and life i have right now.
i have an amazing husband. We aren't perfect but we have a perfect ability to TRY and MEND. My amazing babies here on earth and the ones who were taken back early to watch over us until we meet again.

My amazing family. The saying "we may not have it all together, but together we have it all" should be our family slogan. We all clash at times, but no matter WHAT, we are die hard for each other.

My amazing JOB. What i do is a little bit out of the norm of a standard job. In a traditional job.. its all about putting others down to make you look better. If you want to get to the top of a company and make the real money, you have to claw your way to the top. Be better, look better, its all a competition. If someone is better then you in the company, they are a threat..

In my job, the only way you can be successful is to reach down and HELP your team. There is no competition. You are your own boss, go at your own pace, make as little or as much money as you choose.
We CELEBRATE everything!
We celebrate our health. We celebrate our achievements. We congratulate and get so excited for people we don't even personally know!
My team goes OUT OF THEIR way to help me.
I couldnt feel more blessed in the path that led me here!

And lastly....
Im so incredibly BLESSED for the FRIENDSHIPS I've made. The people in my life are so in tune with true happiness. Im surrounded with such positive people who are selfless, caring, & empowering.
They lift me up when I'm down. When I'm sad, they are right by my side. But better yet.. when I'm HAPPY, they are even more RIGHT BY MY SIDE cheering me on. Ive been so used to the opposite of that for WAY too long. I feel like we are always laughing, growing, and helping others.

This is a movement!
A shift in whats "normal"
i refuse to get stuck in the ways people think are just "normal" in life.
Its not normal to wish bad on people.
Its not normal to hope to be better then others.
Its not normal to go to school our WHOLE life, PAY for lots of school, acquire debt, just to HOPEFULLY get a job, so slave away at all day, 5 days a week (if you're lucky and its not 6 or 7 days a week), to retire at 65 years old to FINALLY live your life how you truly want.
I REFUSE to be left feeling helpless if i lost my job tomorrow,
how would i pay my bills.
I REFUSE to beg for certain days off.
I REFUSE to have to acquire vacations days just to pay bills while i take time off.
I REFUSE to work opposite of my husband.
Im DONE missing out.

i live my life PASSIONATELY, fully, and INCREDIBLY!
and i get to help people feel healthy and financially safe at the same time!


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