Sunday, September 21, 2014

The New Me...

i am SOO blessed to be a part of a company that SURROUNDS me with loving SELFLESS people.
Yes i HAVE changed!
I'm always striving to be better. the company i work with is focused on creating better health, a better quality of life. better loving people. Everyone around me GIVES more and lOVES more.

i was feeling so lost. alone. no friends. so depressed by the world.
And now I'm free. 

Im closer to God, I'm closer to LOVE. even when i don't ask for it, when i stumble i have friends lifting me up, giving me hugs, pushing me harder.

i sit here BAWLING cuz my heart is so FULL.
its overflowing.

i walk around in the community and i no longer see misery and angry people.
i see people who need love. who need value.
im not afraid to sit and have an ACTUAL conversation with people.
You know, conversations where you actually compliment people, ask about them, their life, how they're feeling and REALLY listen to their answer.

Conversations are so robotic now a days. We ask people how they are routinely and get a routine answer of "Great, how are you?" and we routinely answer with "Good".
We gotta stop that!

I find myself wanting to randomly hug people!

The world is cruel, but it doesn't have to be!

People are homeless, kids are starving, yet we choose to ignore it cuz it "hurts too much to acknowledge it".
Yet the sad situations still remain...

Well what if we instead, donated just even a DOLLAR.
If everyone donated a DOLLAR to help starving children, do you think we would have made a huge impact?? i think yes!

Its the small things in life that count

Life is a BEAUTIFUL thing!
Dont waste it away.
Embrace its beauty
Make a difference.

Chase your dreams!
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