Monday, September 22, 2014

Friendships Have Faded Out...

Ive had this draft saved away for quite some time.
as mentioned in my last post.. I've taken a new path in life.
I've changed.

But i kinda wanted to shed some light on the dark place i was at in my life.
I never posted this cuz i didn't want to feel like i was having a pity party..
But now that I'm in a better place, i wanted to post it to maybe inspire someone to make the changes in their life to get out of their dark place, like i have done :)

Here it is.

I have so much to say but there is something blocking the way.
The actuality that people don't care...
the pain and hurt is filling the air.
Curiosity and interest doesn't suffice for genuine concern,
This is a cold hard lesson i am trying to learn.

Ya'll complain about this and that,
but what you don't realize is you're closing the door for a good friend chit chat..
"People are so negative" "People are so lame"..
Where are the friendships? When did this turn into a game?
We see when our friends are crying for help and when they are in pain
but instead of reaching out, we post a status bashing negative people and put them to shame.

I shut my eyes and try to see clear.
But the pain and the drama is always ringing in my ear.
Quality relationships are going down hill
Everyone has gone fake, no friendships are REAL

Hypocrisy and double standards, people are so whack
They ask so much but yet aren't willing to give back
One cannot simply DO what they would want in return
one cannot realize to get what they want, they them self must EARN!

a society of disrespect, ignorance and TAKE
no wonder its this life that is causing my heart to break.
Facebook and internet is how we communicate
i can't even get my friends to join me on a lunch date!

Something isn't right so we turn to the bottle, or a pill
but what we don't consider is that is our soul we are starting to kill

Everyone is so busy, no one has time
we can't even support each other at the drop of a dime
Everyone is worried about themselves and their own problems
that they can't even take the time to help others and their problems!

Dont you think that if we took the time to help and reach out
our own sorrows and pains would start to diminish and fade out?

Everyone is so sad, tired, stuck and feeling alone
but yet when i try to help them, i can't even get them on the phone!

"Hey hows it going? Can i give you a call?"
"no lets text and email.. i have no time at all"
We are losing so much value in QUALITY interaction
our kids will indeed suffer due to all the nonsense and distraction.

We live in a world that seems so deranged
my biggest questions, is Will it ever change?

Indeed it CAN, the world can become anew
but the fact of the matter... is that is starts, with YOU!
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