Tuesday, May 27, 2014

30 Day New Diet RESULTS!

If you follow me on Instagram (@ChristaCox3) you know that i am trying a new diet.
rather a new LIFESTYLE.

A couple months ago, despite eating cleaning and working my A$$ off.. i started gaining weight { 6 lbs to be exact}. I was super bloated. My clothes were getting tight again. Total opposite direction i wanted to be going. And i was getting super nervous about having to have a 2nd revision done on my tummy tuck! I was feeling sluggish, tired just gross.
i waited a whole month (4 weeks) trying EVERYTHING. Miralax, more water, less carbs, more protein, no meat, vegan, not vegan. gradual experiments through out the 4 weeks...
but nothing was working!

So a few girls at work had told me about this amazing all ORGANIC, no GMO's, No soy, no gluten, NO STIMULANTS, just PURE nutrition! 
Sounded great before but i never really thought about actually trying it..
Then out of desperation, i decided to try it!

Hey 30 money back guarantee.. why wouldn't i try it??

I didn't feel like i had a ton of weight to lose, i just wanted to lose body fat and tone up!

In the first WEEK, i dropped 4 lbs and my bloated belly was GONE.
i was blown away.

Like magic, the scale kept dropping, but more importantly, my clothes were just DROWNING me.
I was feeling AMAZING!!

30 days later............

I'm 8 lbs down
-6 % body fat
-3 inches in waist
-3 inches in belly
PLUS 1/2 inch in my booty! (my goal is to build my bum)
-1 inch in left upper thigh
-2 inches in right upper thigh

best part.. i only worked out ONCE a week!
so thats like 5 times in 30 days.
and they were tiny baby workouts!


I dropped my coffee habit
i have more energy
i sleep better
i don't get sick
my hair is healthier (even after i dyed it blonder)
i have less cellulite
i eat better
im calmer with my kids (WHAT WHAT?!)

i can't tell you how AMAZING i feel!!

 These next images aren't before and afters..
just better lighting to show toning :))

Next month i am taking it up a notch!
I'm doing to pick up my workouts and hopefully gain muscle mass and lose more fat!

Ill check in in 30 more days!

Im not trying to be a salesman..
but i really want everyone to feel this amazing!

So email me if you want more information!

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