Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Having Kids, Equals Being Fat... {Truth or Myth}

When i talk to women who don't have any kids yet.. the biggest thing i hear from them is
"Im so scared I'm going to get fat". Or that they assume they WILL for certain.

And my response..
"It doesn't have to be that way!"
My name is Christa Cox! Im 24, married for 6 years, and I am a mother of 2! I LOVE fitness, which is a good thing because i battle Hahimotos Hypothyroidism. For those who don't know what that is.. my body is attacking my thyroid (metabolism gland), so losing weight, or trying not to gain it for that matter, will forever be a war that i fight.

I think my story scares a lot of women. during my first pregnancy, i gained 60 lbs! bUT you have to understand, I gained my weight due to eating poorly! Yes i had health issues that i wish i could blame it on. I had high blood pressure, had to quit my job, and be on semi bed rest for 8 months!
BUT, if i had been eating right… i wouldn't have gained so much!

So yes, i couldn't control my health issues, but i could have controlled other factors in my life regardless!

But say you do gain a bunch of weight like i did, for whatever reason. 
Maybe you've already had kids and the damage is done.. Well guess what? ITS NOT TOO LATE TO CHANGE YOUR HEALTH!

I stand here today, with two kids, Hashimotos Hypothyroidism (no metabolism), and am 70 lbs lighter!
Its NEVER too late!

Its not easy! But it is do-able!

So I've broken down 4 key point BEFORE/During pregnancy to hopefully ease any anxiety about having kids and staying fit. And 5 key points to lose weight after kids and keep the weight off all while being a busy mom!

Before/During Pregnancy
  1. DONT GET TO THAT POINT! Its so much easier to not gain weight, then it is to lose! You need to gain about 30-40 lbs, but any more is unhealthy. So PREPARE yourself before hand and educate yourself on proper diet and still working out during pregnancy!
  2. Dont Make Excuses for Yourself. You are NOT eating for 2! You're eating for 1 and a rice bean, then a lima bean, then a banana. Adjust your diet to how big baby gets. Being pregnant is NEVER a good excuse to eat bad food. Telling yourself "Well I'm just going to get fat anyway" is only going to set yourself up for disaster. Your belly gets bigger cuz BABY is getting bigger. Extra lbs and poor diet might not show as much during pregnancy, but it for sure will after!
  3. Start Early! Eating good and working out needs to be continued as soon as you find out you're pregnant. My first pregnancy, i stopped working out due to fear of miscarriage. 60 lbs later…. i WRECKED my body and probably caused the high blood pressure. The extra blood flow while working out is so good for baby!
  4. Drink Lots Of Water! Drinking lots of water is the #1 thing that will help your skin to stay healthy and get less stretch marks. Heredity has a lot to do with stretch marks, but dehydration will for sure make it worse! I barely drank enough for my own body, let alone the extra body i was growing inside me.
Losing Weight AFTER Pregnancy

  1. Number ONE thing is diet. No matter how much you workout, if your diet isn't up to par, your workouts are in vain and pointless.
  2. WORKOUT! Believe it or not, baby DOES sleep during the day. Get your workouts in while baby sleeps. After work at night when baby is down for the night. Have your significant other watch baby while you workout. Get a gym pass that has daycare. You adjust your options for your own personal life. You make it work!
  3. LET GO OF YOUR OLD BODY! After baby, you will 95% of the time never get the body you had before. Your hips will be slightly bigger, a stretch mark or 2 (or 5,000 in my case). You won't get your high school frame back. But guess what? You aren't in high school anymore.. you're now a MOM! So set new goals and aspirations!
  4. ACCEPT your new body and life. Stretch marks are not a bad thing. They are your battle marks for being the amazing strong women who grew a life inside her body and sacrificed EVERYTHING about her body for her baby! After all, that is the definition of mom! And a little tip.. Victorias Secret will be your best friend for your new mom rack ;)
  5. Lastly… 


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