Friday, December 13, 2013


Ive been so MIA!
So i just wanted update and let you all know all is well!

Life has been super busy and crazy lately!

Ive been doing back to back photography sessions and editing 24/7 it feels like!
Then i applied for a job and had interviews (made sure to wear my lucky number 3! 3 bobby pins, 3 buttons, etc)…. GOT THE JOB….then had training days.
Its been 4 years since I've been in the working field!
I was a little worried about my lack of job references and experience but i knew i had a good chance working at Victorias Secret due my personality! 
I'm really easy going, out there, people person, and easy to talk to!
I've been wanting to work there for FOREVER! Its my favorite store and my dream job!
With my Boudoir shoots, the BIGGEST thing i get told is that i make my girls feel comfortable!
So the two go hand in hand and i couldn't be more stoked!

Being home with my kids has always been the ultimate goal!
Photography allowed me to work (edit) from home and it was great!
But it just became WAY too stressful.
Im still going to continue to do photography, but its just time to slow it down.

Photography was always meant to be a means of EXTRA income, not NEEDED.
Well due to some life changes, living off one income just isn't possible anymore.
We've DRAINED our savings.
Photography has been booming, don't get me wrong, but its just not cutting it.
I can't clock in, clock out with photography. i rely on my clients coming to me and it just became too much. Not to mention that the editing time makes it not so worth it.

Then i was told from a close friend about Victorias Secret's flexible schedules.
This was my answer.
To still be home with the kids and only work part time with some flex!
If I'm at work, Jeff is with the kids so we can avoid daycares (i have HUGE anxiety  with daycares). My family is going to help fill in any possible gaps with time lapses with our jobs.

I couldn't be more thankful for this opportunity!
(here come the tears!)
We were always making it by…. but now we can just financially BREATH!
im so so excited!

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