Thursday, September 12, 2013

RESULTS {6 Week Body Challenge}

So we started this challenge on August 1st!
I told you in THIS post that my goal was to lose body fat!

So here we are, 6 weeks later, time to show results!

I SWEAR to you, i dont mean this is a cocky self righteous way... but i SWEAR, my purpose in life is to be a leader and example of the HARD things in life.
The worst case scenario type stuff.
{shaking my head}

I was nervous to take these pictures cuz well..
ive only lost ONE pound in 6 weeks.

If you've been following all my posts, you've seen all my hard work. That ive been using fitness pal, counting cals, eating clean ish (not 100%). Working out, etc etc.

Ive also explained that i battle swelling from my tummy tuck in April, and Hashimotos Hypothyroidism. When i started this challenge, i was just given a higher dose of medication cuz my thyroid is off. It takes 6 weeks for the medication dose to fully take effect...
**So HERE WE ARE, 6 weeks later.. no weight loss. Except 2 days ago, i finally lost ONE pound.

So yes. i was nervous.

But i took my "after" Photos..
and THIS is why... you can't focus of the scale.

as you can see.. there is a bigger space between my arms and hips but my hands are in the same spot. Love handle slimming.... ill take it!

this pic KILLS me!
This is about a 10 weeks difference... but WOW!
i didnt think it EVER possible to build my arms!

Ab definition.
Abs are made in the kitchen! Remember??

MAJOR back fat loss.
That was my MAIN goal :))

No makeup... had to cover face haha

This 6 week challenge is over..
but remember... a healthy body is a LIFESTYLE, not a short term goal!

Keep being healthy continue pushing your limits!
If you participated in this challenge, link your post in my comments so i can come see how you did!

Set your mind.
Set your goals.
Make it happen.

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