Monday, September 30, 2013

Cutting the Cord...

"To raise a child, who is comfortable enough to leave you, means you've done your job,they are not ours to keep, but to teach them to soar on their own."

Braylee has started Pre-school/Pre-K

I have attachment issues with my kids LOL. I bet that statement comes as a surprise to  my family and friends (MUCH sarcasm there lol). Its been interesting to have Braylee go to pre-school. She's never gone to a day care or babysitter that hasnt been my family. 

I REALLY hate not knowing what she's doing while she's gone. Im so used to being present in everything she does that its been a huge reality check that my baby isnt a baby anymore.

But on the same page, i am really stoked for her to be in school. Braylee is my "difficult" child. But i really believe the reason she acts out is cuz she gets bored. She is always busy! Learning, playing, imagining, reading, coloring. She is so smart and always has been. She counts to 30 without missing a #. Knows all the colors, most letters, identifies # and letters out in public. And i don't encourage any of this! Im not a mom who forces my kids to be above their level and quizzes them and hands them things to work on (not that any of that is bad.... its just not what i do). She does this herself. She starts spitting out #s and letters she sees. Walks around counting. etc etc. She is just this little sponge who is going to go far with her smarts!

So im glad that her preschool really focuses on reading. Cuz thats really the only area she's never really explored. She has something to learn instead of repeat. So im stoked for her.

Reality has set in that my baby is far from my baby.
She is a little girl who is starting her journey at becoming an independent adult. The more years that pass, the more I have loosen up that mom grip and let her grow. So hard for me to accept, but at least I have many years to work on it :)

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