Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Cardio vs. Weight Training

Im so behind on blogging!
I apologize! Been way busy with my photography!

Lets talk cardio vs weight training!

The BIGGEST (but not limited to) difference, is cardio is more for fat loss... and weight training is more muscle toning, defining, and building.

But what people often mistake and miss out on... is weight training actually helps you burn fat when you're just sitting on the couch vegging out, or sleeping, etc.

People ask, which is best?

In my opinion, i think you NEED both!

I LOOOOVE weight training!
There is nothing better than pushing your limits and increasing the weight!
i think muscles (lean ones) on women are SOOOO gorgeous!

I cant show my before pics cuz that is for a different post...
But yes, i love to lift :) 

Here is a video i did on a moderated but AMAZING results squat challenge.
i will show THESE before and after though haha

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