Saturday, August 24, 2013

WORKOUT Outfit Of The Day :) W.O.O.T.D

Favorite work out clothing and accessories.
Girls will be girls. But its no doubt that a good workout outfit will help motivate you to workout more!
Here are my basic favorites!
I love workout clothes that are breathable so you dont get so sweaty! Any mesh basketball shorts type material will do!
 i can NOT work out without my iPod! Sweatbands helpful as well!
I keep my outfits as basic as shorts and a T-shirt A LOT!
I work out at home. So i keep it real simple!

Yoga pants or any elastic type material is great as well!
Speaking of Yoga... i am going to be doing more of it!

I think the MOST important article of clothing for working out, is A GOOD SPORTS BRA!
If the girls aren't properly tied down, it can REALLY interfere with your workout and even hurt!
No one wants the ladies bouncing back in their face.
Secure them properly! :)

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