Monday, August 26, 2013

Workout Apps! Iphone & Android

Favorite work out apps and any "gadgets"!

I keep my workouts and apps really simple!
Half the time i make up my own workouts!

But here are my fav apps.

This app is great if you need ideas for what workouts work what muscle groups. 
If your wanting to target a certain muscle group but arent sure what workouts to do, "Full Fitness" is great!

Ive talked about "My Fitness Pal" before, but again, this is great as a guide for what to eat according to your own personal fitness goal or to REALIZE how bad you eat haha

Like i said in my last post... music is a MUST! 
if i dont have access to music, i will NOT work out!

If you dont have an iPod or dont know what songs are good workout songs.. Pandora is great for that!

Top stations:
* Pop and Hip How Power Workout
* Avicci
*David Guetta Radio

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