Thursday, August 29, 2013

Working Out At Home V.S Working Out At The Gym

Both of these have pros and cons....
So bottom line.... this topic depends on your lifestyle and motivational needs.

I used to have a gym pass. It was really fun to go!
But then i had kids.

I can never find the time nor motivation to GET there!

So for me, working out at home works better.
And that is what ill mostly talk about.

 Trust me, it has taken YEARS to build up my little home gym. Ive been collecting work out DVDs sense i was 16.
The weights i had to get one set per paycheck.
The bike was a Christmas gift we saved up for.
The weights/barbell were another Christmas.... Trust me, im the queen of working with a budget :)

 Weights are only like $2-$5 a pop... the bigger the weight, the more it costs. so slowly buy them!
I only work with 5's, 8's and 10's
i think exercise balls are like $10... and my resistance band came with one of my Pilates videos.. but i know they are cheap!

Even things as simple as running/walking... using your own body weight for exercises.
There are sO many free workouts on youtube that dont require any weights..

Working out doesnt HAVE to cost money!

Pros & Cons of Working out at home!
*more private. No one to stare at you
*Dont have to leave
*Dont have to get a babysitter

*Harder to motivate yourself

Pros and cons of the gym!
*Potentially Embarrassing/judgmental
*Hard to get there
*Have to get babysitter or pay MORE for a gym babysitter

*They have all the equipment there!
*And sometimes a pool ;)

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