Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Wild Butterfly Boutique DISCOUNT CODE!

I've never been one who wore cute clothes and cute jewelry.
Ive always WANTED to, but never thought i could pull it off.

Ive always felt like this little fashionista TRAPPED inside a body unworthy of the things i wanted to wear. Id try things on, and it would look HORRIBLE on me {due to being obese and then the 5 lbs of skin just kickin' it on my hips}

Well now that I've lost the weight and had my surgery, i feel like a new woman! Or the REAL me is ready to explore! 
So lets start with JEWELRY!!

 The following necklaces i got from a vendor at our local carnival. I wish i could give credit but i tried googling the name on the tags and couldnt find it. Its called "My Style"

So as a gift to my readers, the amazing Wild Butterfly Boutique is offering a discount code!
Use code "Christa" for 25% off!

Their jewelry is already so affordable!
Enjoy guys!

Im going to be hosting a $50 gift card giveaway to Bella Ella Boutique! STAY TUNED GUYS!!
Dont go MIA from the Young&Restless Blog!

Google reader is donezo as of July 1st.
 Follow me on Bloglovin' so we dont get lost in the hiatus!
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