Monday, August 19, 2013

What I Ate Today {My Fitness Pal}

If you dont have the app "my fitness pal".. you should get it.
Even if you arent counting calories... it really opens up your mind to what you are ACTUALLY putting in your body as far as carbs, protein, sodium, all the hidden stuff.
Its even interesting to count calories when you THINK you're eating well.

Anyway. So this is what i typically eat in a day.
Im on a 12oo calorie limit.
and my goal is to eat as clean as possible.
But clearly im not a saint haha.

i couldnt resist the pie.
i had to eat it on the day i had to confess my sins on the internet.

Fitness pal is great.
You put in your goal, and it tells you how to eat!
Woot woot!

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