Monday, August 5, 2013

End Goals {Can You Change YOur Body in 6 Weeks}

If you missed my last post, Holly @Sunshine State Of Mind and I are doing a Fitness challenge that we are calling "Can You Change Your Body in 6 Weeks".

From now until then, we will be posting helpful blog post along the way and telling you about where we are at in the challenge!
I encourage you to join us! Even if you are already "fit". Set a goal (maybe you want to maximize your bootay!), and lets see if you can reach it in 6 weeks!

6 week body makeover

TODAYS'S post is about my end goals.
What i want to achieve. :)

 I am ALL about throwing out the scale.
That thing will be the death of your goals and can discourage you in tail making you give up. I HATE the scale!
I have the lovely privilege in life of dealing with HYPOthyroidism.
So honestly, i HAVE to watch the scale a little bit cuz that is the biggest indicator that my thyroid is off.

But, as a general, i try not to worry about the scale too much.

So MY goal, is to just lose body fat.

With my tummy tuck, there was a RUMOR, that when you remove fat from your tummy surgically, fat cant grow there anymore, so you will accumulate it in other places.
Well im here to declare that myth is TRUE!!

I have been noticing more BACK FAT! Gross i know.
Let us have a moment of silence for the glorious back boobs.

So MY goal, is to tone my back, and BUILD my bootay!!

Now with that being said, fat LOSS, and muscle BUILDING, require two opposite spectrums of focus.
I will do a specific post on cardio vs weight training in the upcoming weeks.

So lets get to the fun stuff.
The gross pictures.

^^and that patheticness is actually bigger than normal cuz i did the squat challenge last month
Here is my squat challenge results.

So there you have it.

My goal is to maybe feel comfortable wearing the bikini from the beginning of this post
 out in public.
Or at least look good in it in my house:)

FULL WEIGHT LOSS STORY <--- nbsp="" p="">Post 1- Can You Change Your Body In 6 Weeks

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