Monday, August 19, 2013

Eating Healthy on a Budget!

Im so sorry im slacking on my blog posts!
Better late then never though right!?

Ok, so one of the BIGGEST myths... is that eating healthy is more expensive then eating bad.

But if you legit believe that... i am going to help bust this myth :))

First of all.... sit down and really check your receipts, bank accounts, etc... and add up the amount of money you spend on eating out, hitting the fast food places, etc etc.
It will shock you.
You gotta stop that!
Every once in a while is ok, but we go out way more then we think we do!
and it all adds up!

2nd of all.... WALMART always tends to be cheapest.
Ok lets move on.

So basic foods we buy to be healthy....
*Whole wheat bread
*Nuts {optional}

Now meat can be pricey. But regardless if we are eating bad or good, meat tends to be a staple food that we HAVE to buy. So i wont be comparing meats.
But one thing i will say, is bulk bags of frozen chicken 
is a way cheaper deal then the packaged cuts!

Bad foods........

Good foods............

So in actuality.. if you times each meal eating out, by how many people in your family... you're spending up to $40 or more! Or at fast food, You're spending $20 or more for ONE meal. Where a meal with chicken, veggies, and a light carb, you spend more like $10 or less when you divide out how many servings of an item you bought in bulk divides out to be!

The other night... we had spaghetti squash {$5.00} a can of tomato sauce on top {1.00} and that was it! a $6.00 meal for a family of 4! (yes Baiden had some, and i think we all had 2nds!) Adding in meat is an option as well!


So now that this myth is busted...
go my friends... buy good foods! they aren't more expensive!
This was in my last post.. but ill post again!

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