Saturday, August 3, 2013

Can You Change Your Body in 6 Weeks?!

Hi my name is Christa and im a space cadet!

I am so excited about this project type thing!

Holly @Sunshine State Of Mind had this GREAT idea. Of course i was on board! 

Over the next 6 weeks I am going to be "changing my body" and blogging about in along the way. I guess the purpose of this is to motivate and inspire myself and others. I think with weight loss and fitness it is easy to get hung up on the short term views, instead of long term. If I can show what is possible in 6 weeks, imagine what you can do in 6 months! 

{Go to Holly's blog to grab the button}

WHY i am on this weight loss journey!

*I absolutely love fitness. Ive never really had to watch what i ate cuz i was so active.
Well i got married, became less active, gained 20 lbs.
Had my first baby, high blood pressure made me gain 60 lbs.
Thats 80 LBS yo!

Then i got diagnosed with hypothyroidism with if you dont know what that is... i have nO metabolism.
I fought through it anyway, became SO motivated, Lost the 60 lbs, then 10 more!

leaving me with LOOSE SKIN and just a mess.

I had my tummy tuck done April 17th...
now i am motivated more than ever to get the body that i want!

I just want to look and FEEL healthy all around and mAYBE, JUST MAYBE, inspire someone.

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