Thursday, August 8, 2013

"Abs Are Made in the Kitchen".. Why Good Nutrition is Key

We've all heard the saying "Abs are made in kitchen".
But is it true?!

(get it. ABsolutely..... :S )

So what does this mean?!

While cardio and ab workouts are still necessary, they will be in vain if you are eating crap.

CLEAN EATING is the only way to go if you are seeking out your hidden abdominal muscles. 

I did a post on simple tips for changing your lifestyle
and EASING into clean eating.
Find it HERE <---->

Clean eating means things that are natural. Grow out of the earth or come from an animal. Anything that comes in a box or can and package, have chemicals, preservatives, and CRAP that likes to hang tight on your stomach.

  • Cut out white flour (WHOLE wheat in moderation)
  • Cut out refined sugars and salts
 -Sea salt is great. Sweeteners are BAD. They confuse your body and mess up your metabolism. Putting chemicals into your body is never a good substitute
  • Eat GOOD fats. Ie avocado, nuts, etc.
  • DRINK LOTS OF WATER!!! {cant emphasize that enough}
  • Commit 100%.
     -Of course cheat meals are ok, but if you're really committed to gaining the physique you desire, you    have to go into it full heartedly and COMMIT! Even if its not the ABS you desire. If you want to be your healthiest, clean eating 24/7 is the way to go!
  • Count Calories. 
-Lastly, if fat loss is your goal, calories in vs calories out is the only way to go! Counting calories is SO annoying. But if you want fat loss, you kinda have to to make sure you're on track! Once you're at your goal, dont count, just commit to clean eating and exercising and you'll be good :)

Now, i have NEVER had to watch what i eat because i was so active. I used to run a lot and did an aerobics class in high school. So when i got pregnant with my first kid, had high blood pressure and couldnt even get off the couch much or my heart would explode, my poor eating habits caught up with me.
Ive lost all the weight, but battle with Hashimotos Hypothyroidism now.

A few weeks ago, i tried the 100% clean eating thing... and holy crap, i was amazed.
It really does work!

I know im not the best example. I dont eat 100% clean but i am slowly getting there.
And I'm still pretty swollen in my lower tummy from my surgery.
But i can DEFINITELY see lots of definition forming in my upper abs :))

You can do it guys!
Take baby steps and slowly it will just become habit!


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