Thursday, July 11, 2013

A Healthy Lifestyle! {Where To Start}

I get lots of questions on HOW i lost so much weight. I think people assume a magic pill, or magic diet plan you can buy. But there is no such thing. A healthy lifestyle is the only way to go! So lets start from square one!

I think the hardest part about having the desire to change your life style and be healthier,
is not really knowing where to start and feeling overwhelmed.

Often times our new goals fall through because there is no structure. No layout. No PLAN.
So lets make a plan!

Start with DIET!
(dun dun dun!)

Diet is probably the MOST important part of being healthy. You can work out every single day, but if you're eating like crap, you're going to feel like crap, progress will be slow or not there at all, you'll get discouraged, and you'll give up! 

SIMPLE basics.
-Start small. Its hard to give up the bad stuff. But the more good you add in, the easier it is to give up the bad. Your body will CRAVE the good food!

*Substitute every day food items with healthier choices!
-Whole wheat instead of white bread
-Sea salt instead of regular salt
-Skim milk instead of 2 % or greater

{{STEER CLEAR OF ARTIFICIAL SWEETENERS!  They confuse your body and mess up your metabolism. Putting chemicals in your body is not a good substitute for sugar}}

*Add in LOTS of veggies and fruits to your diet!

*Drink Lots of water
-Carry water bottles around with you (or a 64oz cup!)
-Download a water reminder app! Im sure there is one :)
-Add lemon or any other natural thing that will make water taste better!

When you're ready........

-anything that comes in a box and/or can!
i.e: Mac & Cheese, ramans, raviolis etc.

-Cheetos, chips, cookies, soda.. JUNK JUNK JUNK!
if its in your house, you'll probably eat it.

Lets move on to FITNESS!

For some, diet is easy (i am NOT that person). And for other people, fitness and working out comes easy (DING DING DING! Thats ME!).
But even for me... when you haven't worked out in a while, its hard to motivate yourself to get back into being active! Whether you're a good self motivator or not.. i highly suggest workout dvd's.

Go to walmart, and pick on that looks interesting!
Most of the Dvds are $10.00 each.
It will last you at LEAST a month doing the program or till you're bored.
Save up, and go buy another!
(yeeeeeah. I love to workout! Keep in mind this is my collection from sense i was 16 years old. Ive always loved fitness! This isnt even all of it! My sister has my INSANITY dvds haha).

My TOP suggestions:

Jillian Micheal's in my GO TO gal!
She is pretty intense, but most her workouts start easy and work up!

Chalene is my next favorite! She is so fun!

For low impact, I love Winsor Pilates

If you have a sexy side (or want to find it) i suggest Carmen Electra!

There are MANY MANY options! Just find what interests you!

Lastly.. going on a simple walk with the family every night is a good start as well!

Once you have a game plan, a good way to stick to it is make a calendar!
Document when you workout so you can see how good (or bad) you're doing so you can either pat yourself on the back, or kick your butt in gear!

I hope this helps!

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