Sunday, June 2, 2013

SWELL HELL! {6 Weeks PO Tummy Tuck}

Swelling is a very normal part of healing after surgery! The amount of swelling just depends on how invasive the surgery was, and how your individual body heals!

But there is a difference between FAT swelling, and FLUID swelling.

In this video, i explained WHY we swell, why IM swelling more than the average tummy tuck patient, & HOW to tell the difference between fat and fluid swelling!

Then i just wrapped up with how im doing at 6 weeks post op and showed you my tummy of course!

 i get poked with a syringe once a week to suck out fluid :(
 Fluid swelling
 Get even MORE swollen....

The swelling sucks but its just a part of healing!
All TOTALLY worth it!
Ill do more updates on the swelling and when it FINALLY starts to go away!

I hope this helped!
If you have any questions or things you want me to address,
dont hesitate to ask!

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