Tuesday, June 25, 2013

My 24th Birthday & Jeff's 25th Birthday!

I think its about to update this blog with some personal life stuff..
and ALSO tell you about some up coming GIVEAWAYS!!!!!!!

So Beginning in May, our birthday craziness begins!
We have Jeff's bday on May 7th, mine on June 3rd, and Bray's on June 23rd!

So May 7th.
Jeff now shares his bday with my beloved Niece Audrie! 
So we usually celebrate his bday a little early.
This year we went our riding (as usual!) Its what he loves :)

 Jeff and Audrie. The birthday kids


 My mom is the BEST!!

Then on his actual bday, we went to Chuck E Cheese for Audrie :)

Then MY birthday! :)
On Saturday, June 1st, i wanted to go out dancing with my friends!
So my bestie Nikki Hatch CANCELED her romantic getaway with the hubs, so that she wouldnt miss my birthday plans..... WHAAAA?! Who does that?! :))) LOVE her!

 She even went up and had the band sing me happy birthday :))
I felt so special!

Then the next evening, i wanted to do a friend dinner because my family is way too big to combine the 2!
So we went to Texas roadhouse! 

Then on my ACTUAL birthday, June 3rd, We had a family swim/dinner party!


We go big :))
HUGE thank you to everyone who made our birthday special. It means the world to us!!
Can believe im 24!!!!???
So ive been planning some giveaways for you guys!
Im going to be giving away a necklace (like the one seen on my instagram recently), and a $50 gift card to a boutique! STAY TUNED GUYS!!
Dont go MIA from the Young&Restless Blog!

Google reader is donezo as of July 1st.
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