Friday, June 14, 2013

Death & Loss.

I dont know if you've noticed..
But ive been a little MIA.

I told you i was super busy with editing my photography work..
 but on top of that, there have been a few freight train crashes in my life..

If you follow my on Twitter or my FB page, you have probably heard a little bit about this, but my best friends have tragically lost their baby brother, Drake. I talk about Nikki Hatch all the time... and Jarome and Jared Hatch who fight MMA.
My friend Steve put this perfectly. 

"Drake was the youngest of four brothers in a family that has no family boundaries and openly accepts anyone with loving arms. He was the quiet sensitive ying to the turbo charged testosterone driven yang of his brothers. Drake lived his life by his own rule and was an outstanding example of being exactly who you are without regard for what others might think or say."

I never had the chance to get to know Drake, but i feel like i now know him so well. Its really hard for me to see the ones i call my own hurting so much. Seeing the rough exteriors just disintegrate under pain's pressure is not easy to watch for me.. i so badly want to fix it... but one thing is for sure.... is its also so amazing & humbling to FEEL the overwhelming love, strength and bonding. 

My mind has just been in another place this whole week. This family is near and dear to me. They are the type of family that make YOU feel like family. And that is just how i feel. These people are my brothers, my sisters, even Braylee calls Gma Matty Grandma. I cant help but put myself in their situation and i cant hold back the tears every time i do. I couldnt even imagine losing my baby brother. I cant even wrap my head around losing my CHILD, my son, my baby boy.... My heart just shatters.
He was WAY too young to go. But one thing is for SURE.. he has impacted, bonded, and changed his family for the better in ways that he will now know..

Hatch family.. i love you guys. Every shooting star, every chill, every beautiful word that came from a brother's wounded heart, and every sweet memory shared... ill never forget.
Hold tight to those moments. Hold tight to the ones you love.
Life is crazy, life is beautiful, Never forget you have a new guardian angel above.

RIP Drake.
"If life brings you down just remember you must be higher than it." ~Me, Drake Warner
If you wish to donate to his funeral fund, the Obituary explained how.
And if you live in Utah, email me and ill tell you about an awesome RAFFLE with awesome PRIZES. 100% proceeds go to Drake's fund.
Jared, Gavin, Drake, & Jarome. Brothers.
 (Photos taken by me at Jarome's wedding)

"Forever in Our Hearts"
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