Thursday, May 9, 2013

"Why Can No One Hear Me? When All I Do Is Shout"

My heart is heavy but my feet are light,
these broken wings just want to take flight.

Im running, im running, my mind at an equal pace.
But when i look down, my feet are still in the same place.

Chivalry is gone, 
Good deeds are dying out.
Why can no one hear me when all i do is shout?

Selfishness and money is everyone's heart's desire.
Then we sit around and wonder "why is this world on fire?"

So much pain, so much hate.
Is it over? Is it too late?

Why is the world so evil,
why is the world so cold...
No one can look into their own heart and see, they too fit the mold.

Whether its jealousy, whether its hate.
or our blessings we forsake.
Whether is greed, whether its lust
Our ways need to change! Its a given, ITS A MUST!

Hearts dont want to give, unless it is given to first,
Some dont give at all, i dont know which is worse!

the wolves stay close, 
watching. waiting
preying on the one that are easy for baiting 

im in a sad place
my sorrows are hard to face

can i change it? is it helpless?
How do we get out of this mess?

-Christa Cox
Yes i wrote that all by my lonesome. Sometimes the things weighing on my mind come out in poetry but i hesitate to post cuz you KNOW that someone, at some point in time, will steal and claim to be their own. The internet can be a sad place haha.

Anyway, sorry about the sad post. Worldly sorrows have been weighing on me lately and i cant seem to get past it. People are so cold now a days. And its only going to get worse. 
Even in the blogging world... everyone is so focused on them self. Their own profits, image, and popularity. Yes i try to branch my blog out, but i do this because i like helping people. I share my life experiences and am really open in hopes to touch lives, just like how i am touched by other lives. BUT i like to help other bloggers out as well. I feel like im always going out of my way to help others, and i dont expect anything in return, but when you NEVER get the same courtesy, it gets depressing. 

Just the other day, i put an add up on a local web page letting people know i had a BUNCH of great condition baby clothes that i was giving away for FREE! Hoping that maybe someone in need would benefit. Well i set the things out, a hand full people came and got things. I went inside for a few min, got busy, and when i went out later... everything was gone (to be expected), but someone had stole my $15 tote! Just breaks my heart that here i am trying to help someone, and that person that im helping, steals from me.

Just things like that. Its hard to see family member and close friends give and give and give... and just continue to get taken advantage of and walked on.

Maybe im too sensitive and think way too much into it.... but my heart is heavy and i cant seem to shake it.

But lets end this post with a positive quote
 that i have to recite to myself on the daily!

This post is copy written
 and property of Christa Cox 
unless otherwise stated.
-Sharing is welcome, but please give proper credentials
:) Stealing is not nice.

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