Tuesday, May 14, 2013

WE ARE HOME NOW!! (Tummy Tuck Journey)

So if you arent aware... ill inform you now, that tummy tuck recoveries are INTENSE! They require a lot of extra help. So we lived at my moms house (and my sister Becky's for like 2 nights) for the first 2 weeks after my tummy tuck. I did this cuz Jeff still had to go to work, and i needed help (or help available if needed) 24/7. I couldnt lift Baiden so thats mostly why i needed 24/7 help.
(but if you dont have babies.. you will need help for yourself the first 4 days for sure!)

Anyway! So after 2 weeks, WE ARE HOME!
Watch the vid to see how we're doing!

Ill probably do a seperate video on my swelling and how i STILL have fluid and STILL have my drain (most people get all drains out in the first week).
But ill do a seperate video on that cuz im sure all of you are going to ask why and if its normal and all that
 jazz. So ill get all that answered :)

 even my back is swollen :/

So yes, very swollen still...
but regardless...feeling AMAZING!!
Its wonderful not having that extra skin hanging over my pants :)
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