Thursday, May 16, 2013

E.L.F Cosmetics Haul & Review!!

As you all know.. im OBSESSED with E.L.F Cosmetics!

This makeup thing is new to me and i wanted to try good quality makeup without spending a fortune!
So when i discovered E.L.F (eyes lips face) Cosmetics... i FELL IN LOVE!

E.L.F has only been sold online, but recently has started selling in select stores! Here in Utah its Target, and now Walgreens! Ive seen it at Ross once upon a time but not lately. {if you know of any other places, LET ME KNOW!).
I went to target... and went a little crazy.. so i decided to do a haul and review video! :)))

P.s.... dont mind my craziness haha.

Feel free to (and please do) pin any images!

Anyone interested in buying E.L.F makeup, you can order online! 
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