Friday, May 17, 2013



Have you guys seen my new disclaimer on my blog. Im SO done with all the money hungry/stat hungry/fame hungry blogging whores!

Yes its cool/sounds cool to have a big reach and make money. And there is nothing wrong with having a big reach and making money off your blog. Striving to grow your blog is GREAT... BUT DONT REVOLVE YOUR BLOG AROUND THAT!! Blogging should be about QUALITY... not stats and money!

and especially don't beg me to come "follow back" cuz i wont. Give me a reason to! Would you ever go beg someone to be your friend? No, you talk to them and develop a friendship!

Youtube is REALLY bad with this as well!
I mostly get begging messages there! Sooo annoying!

Blogging has turned into this ugly thing! Lets get it back to what blogging USED to be and what its SUPPOSED to be!!

Once upon a time, i used to get lots of comments on my blog, and i had about 300 LESS followers.
My stats have dropped, but my followers keep growing..
Why is this?!

Its because blogging has turned UGLY. Everyone is so focused and worried about their own self, their own blog and growing it... that they dont bother to check other blogs. Trust me, i went through this myself! Unintentionally, I stopped reading blogs cuz i was so busy working on mine!
Once i pulled my head out of my behind i realized this, and it made me sad!

My blog has never been about stats. But even just trying to bring good quality got me all wrapped around myself! And thats just not how blogging should be.

I had a SWEET lady comment on my blog stating that she was SHOCKED that i not only visited her blog, but that i left a comment!
Well of COURSE i did! Thats how blogging should be. You want to be in tune with your readers. BE FRIENDS with them! 
I realize the more readers and comments you get, its hard to acknowledge and get back to them. I get that. But you should still make the effort.
And it IS harder on the blog cuz some people who comment dont have a connected email so its impossible to reply back! But twitter, instagram, fb, etc... NOT that hard to reply. Its the same effort as text messaging...

Anyway... in order for this to work, we have to EACH make the effort, and stop the nonsense!

Lets all make the pledge!
I think we all need to post about this and get it out there! I want to hear your opinions on this!
So if you do a post on this, link it here so i can go read it!

Blog on all you GOOD QUALITY bloggers!
I need you in my life! :))

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