Thursday, May 23, 2013

Birthday Month SPONSOR SWAPS!!

My birthday is like... next week.
On June 3rd..

I guess this doesnt makes sense cuz im supposed to want want want on my birthday...
but for my birthday, i want to GIVE back to my readers!

So for the month of June, im going to do FREE sponsor swaps!

{for those that want to be negative and think im only doing this for me... yes i will benefit from this too.. but if i was doing this JUST for me... i would only take swaps from blogs with equal or more stats... [sorry, ive had big problems from negative bloggers in the past]  ok... lets move on}

Just email me a 200x150 button code!
(codes only please!)

Then just grab my button from the left side bar!
(or i can reply back to your email with my button code)

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