Monday, May 20, 2013

Baiden's 6&7 Month Update!

I cant believe how fast life is warp speeding by!

So Baiden at 6 months!
*Baiden started cutting his 2 bottom teeth!
*We started jar food! He loves everything now :) He eats 2 jars a day!

*Sitting up on his own was our goal and what we worked most on!
*He says "mama" and thats it!
*Got sick a lot and a couple ear infections this month :/
Baiden 7 months!

*Baiden sits up completely on his own now!
*Still only has 2 teeth
*Says "dad/dada" now (and doesnt say mom much anymore :/ )

*Rolls ALL over and "army circles"
*LOVES being outside
*SO smiley still

*and STILL a mama's boy :)))
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