Thursday, April 11, 2013

Weight Loss Journey {+95 lbs in 7 years}

Alright. Lets talk about how i went from anorexic, to MORBIDLY OBESE,
to where i am 7 years.

This post, and the 2 following it, are all going to tie together.
 So you might want to stay tuned for the next few posts as well :)) 
Before i begin, In case you wonder, im 5'7 1/2 tall, and 23 years old.

In high school, as most girls do, i struggled with an eating disorder. I was "chubby" growing up, and once i hit about 16 years old... i was starting to FINALLY get noticed by boys.. but this made me even more self conscious of my body. I HATED my tummy. Fixated on it. Blamed everything on being fat. I didnt make the cheer team cuz i was fat. I never got asked on dates because i was fat. I tripped on that rock [wait for it.....] indeed, because i was FAT. Im not kidding. It was that bad.
This led to my eating disorder. I never ate. And if i did. I felt SOOOO guilty, and would go throw it up. But even when i was nothing but skin and bones.. 135 lbs was the lowest i weighed, being 5'7.5 tall.

Then i met my husband. Long story short, he made me the happiest person in the world. Got back to a healthy weight, and never struggled with an eating disorder after that. (Even still to this day. Mind over matter i tell you). We got married in 2007 (18 years old) and i eventually gained my marriage weight they talk about..
+20 lbs

Then in Nov 2008, we FINALLY got pregnant with our Daughter. At 12 weeks along, i developed high blood pressure, had to quit my job and become a couch potato or i would risk my baby girl's life as well as my own.... It was a HORRIBLE pregnancy. Swelling, aches, pains, my boobs TRIPLED in size, worries, NST's (non stress tests), ultrasounds, and was eventually induced 3 weeks early cuz my blood pressure was getting worse....
+60 lbs
Alright. Lets pause and break this down. That puts me at 
 ok. Lets continue
I had Braylee in June 2009 (20 years old)
And this was the aftermath..... [[PREPARE YOUR EYES]]
This is where i [no joke] am considered to be morbidly obese.
By looking at the pics..Not a shocker, i know.

So here comes the weight LOSS side of this story

When i had Braylee, from my high blood pressure, i had a LOT of water weight and swelling. It took about 2 weeks, but once the swelling was gone, along with eating better, i lost 30 lbs right off the bat! [thats a lot of water weight!].

Then i tried the HCG craze going on at that time.
I lost 20 more lbs... but i do NOT recommend taking hcg for weight loss. I REALLY believe it caused my next health issue.

From there, in Feb 2011, after my miscarriage, i found out i had HYPOthyroidism. It took NINE MONTHS.. but we eventually found my right medication dose, i started feeling better, and started Insanity again. I eventually lost 10 more lbs.

Now lets pause again to make sure you took mental note of this..
thats 60 LBS LOST!!
I was at my PEAK! I felt AMAZING...... But we wanted to try for a baby again. It took a year of being scared to try again, wanting to get my thyroid under control, and wanting to lose weight and get healthy... but when we started trying for a baby, it took ONE shot..
I really think my thyroid being under control had everything to do with it, but my pregnancy with my son was BEAUTIFUL! I felt healthy, i ate right, worked out, no problems, it was great. Baiden came 4 weeks early on his own (September 23rd 2012).. but i only gained +20 lbs.

In only 4 months, with working out HARD, and eating right, i lost all the baby weight!
This is normal with hypothyroidism after you have a baby.. but in February, my thyroid went CRAZY again! So for the last 2 months, ive been in limbo with my medication, but about 3 weeks ago.. we got the right dose, and my thyroid has been under control!
So here i am now.
6 more lbs down!
In a 7 year time frame, i GAINED 95 lbs [HOLY macaroni!]. 
And LOST 66 lbs.

Im 14 lbs away from my goal weight. 
My healthy weight range for my height, and what i was at in high school.
BUT...... Pregnancy has a way of "changing" things. But thats a whole separate post. 
Stay tuned for that on Sunday.
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