Sunday, April 14, 2013

The TRUTH About Postpartum Bodies {Body Reveal}

You know those women you see, or know of, who wear a bikini, and you’d NEVER guess they’ve had kids…… they’re toned, tan, and not a stretch mark in sight….

Lets get real. MOST of us mommy’s are NOT that lucky. We’re left with a stretch mark or 2, our boobs sag a little more, our hips are a little bigger, & our skin is a little weirder and looser. You get pretty C-section scars. That pooch you just CANT get rid of. Some cases are mild, and some are more severe…. But we’ll get back to this in a minute.

Even weird things like our hair getting thinner or doesn’t curl as well. Our food preferences change (things we used to love, now hate, or visa versa).  You used to never get cavities… now you do. You cant remember things as well. You cant stand certain smells anymore.. Oh the list goes on!

But never fear! There are positives as well! USUALLY you mature a lot! You see life differently. Your priorities change and become more meaningful. You get super powers like supersonic hearing, reading minds, and foretelling the future! Ok ok, so maybe that just comes with knowing your children all too well.
Becoming a parent is the BEST THING IN THE ENTIRE WORLD!! Im not even kidding. I wouldnt trade ANYTHING for it.

NOW. Im not trying to scare anyone with this post… but sometimes you just gotta get REAL. I wish I knew all this stuff before I got pregnant.
Not that it would change the fact of having children…. But I for sure would have waited till I was a little older instead of 19 years old!

Ok, lets get to the second part of this post and the biggest reason WHY im doing this post. I mentioned in my weight loss journey, that there was going to be a second part. Well this is it.

I am one of the EXTREME cases, of bodies after pregnancy. My skin hates me. Bottom life. Some women are lucky in that department. And some are VERY unfortunate, like myself.
I’ve been through 2 pregnancies and lost 66 lbs in the last 4 years. Ive worked SO hard.. And im not fully reaping those benefits due to things I cant control!

Not without plastic surgery that is. So having that being said… im getting a tummy tuck done. Like soon.

Im going to do a separate video on the tummy tuck…

But when I tell people im getting a tummy tuck… they are CONFUSED.. Until I show them. So I made this video for me. I want people to understand HOW BAD my situation is. So well. Here ya go..

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