Tuesday, April 23, 2013

SURVIVING The First 4 Days Of a Tummy Tuck!

When considering the recovery time of a tummy tuck, i knew it would be hard and painful the first few days. But i didnt know that i wouldnt be able to do ANYTHING by myself.
Im surprised i can wipe my own bum by myself.

So going into a tummy, i had to stop taking aspirin or anything containing aspirin (ibuprofen included) at LEAST 2 weeks before surgery. VERY important so you dont bleed too much during surgery.
2 days before surgery, i had to wash my tummy with a special antiseptic skin cleanser 2 times. Monday night, and the night before surgery. I also had to start my antibiotic pills the night before surgery.

The night before, we slept at my sisters house so we didnt have to wake the kids up early when we had to leave for surgery. I was nervous the night before surgery, but the BEST way to explain how i was feeling.. was just SURREAL. I couldnt grasp that it was actually happening. That the misery and embarrassment that i had been dealing with for FOUR years, was finally going to be gone.
I didnt sleep well that night. And at about 4:40 a.m, Baiden woke up and wouldnt go back to sleep, probably cuz we were sleeping at a new place for him. But i gladly got up with him, went downstairs, and just held him and sung to him and watched him sleep. I knew that after surgery, i wouldnt be able to pick him up and care for him for at LEAST a month. Which is hard, cuz he's my baby. He's 6 months old, and depends on me for everything. So i soaked it all in!

5:30 a.m rolled around, and we were off, headed for surgery. The drive there was a blur, so surreal. We got there at 6:00 a.m, paid the remainder for surgery. signed my papers, took a pregnancy test, got in my cool surgery get up, and started my i.v. 

My surgeon Came in, drew on my tummy marking the areas he needed to work on, talked to me, and i dont know how, but after talking to him, felt more calm and ready for surgery. (No, they didnt put drugs in my i.v yet lol).
I went back for surgery, was joking around with the anesthesiologist, asked if he started my meds cuz i was feeling funny and happy... and thats all i remember! LOL

Ok..... Now here is the stuff you need to be prepared for, and know how to survive it.

Coming out of anesthesia is different for everyone, but i had a hard time with it. Its pretty cloudy, but i woke up CONVULSING and shivering. I was chilly and in pain, but i dont think thats WHY i shivering so much, but i could not control it. I remember seeing jeffs face, then i calmed down and went back to sleep.
Woke up with a heater blowing on me, tons of blankets, and a nurse saying it was time to get up and move into a chair then a different room to recover. Whaaaaa?!! I didnt want to move. But i had to.
HOLY CRAP.....that was HARD!
Think about it, you use your core for EVERYTHING, and my abs were all tighten and stitched up. SO hard to transfer. MISERABLE!!!

Long story short, it took a while to be ready to go home cuz i kept getting faint when i stood up.
But i eventually made it to the bathroom, to a wheel chair, and into my sisters car to go to my mom's home.

I didnt think about stairs. There was NO way i was doing stairs. So we quickly changed my living situation, and got it figured out. Made it home, got into my recliner and place of living for the next couple weeks! SIGH. Yes. It sucks.

You HAVE to have help with a tummy tuck. LOTS of help. You cant sit up on your own. Cant stand up on your own. Cant go to the bathroom on your own. I cant even put my recliner up on my own. Every little thing you take for granted.. you need help with. I cant even open my pill bottles on my own cuz that requires using your upper abs. 

If you have kids, you need 24/7 care for them cuz you cant be lifting them. You cant get up for all your toddlers needs every 5 minutes like meals, coloring books, tying shoes, getting dressed, etc.

YOU WILL BE IN PAIN, AND BE NAUSEOUS! You will be provided with pain meds after surgery, but they dont give you nausea meds, anti constipation meds, etc. Its no secret that pain meds BACK YOU UP! And you just had all your abs stitched and lower tummy sliced, and lets get real! you dont want to be pushing out the 20 lb consequence of pain meds right after surgery!! Fiber and stool softeners will be your best friend.
I have to do breathing exercises with a breathing spirometer thing to prevent pneumonia.
Food: Because of the nausea, pain meds, and constipation, you want to keep your food simple and soft. Sugar helps with the nausea. My mommy spoils me and supplied me with ice cream, pudding, & yummy soups. Ginger ale helps with nausea. Tums, and if you have nausea meds, they will come in handy!

This man owns my heart. He takes such good care of me! He rubs my legs every night to help prevent blood clots and helps me walk around.

You cant shower till 4-5 days after surgery. You have to give your incisions a little healing time before you expose them to water and get a possible infection. But on day 3, i couldnt stand it anymore, and Jeff helped me wash my hair in a sink with a detachable head, and he blow dried my hair. Man i love him!

Laughing and coughing SUCKS. It hurst so so bad.

Not being able to take care of my baby is HARD (where he depends on me for EVERYTHING, and Braylee is more independent). But my family is so supportive and helps how they can, like letting me hold him in my chair. It definitely helps though when i can hear and see my kids laughing and playing and give them kisses. Its REALLY hard on the days where my kids are gone. But i just remind myself.. its only a couple weeks! Once i can move around more, i can go with them when they have to go to family that do not live at my mom's :)
Recovering from a tummy tuck is SO SO hard.
This surgery is DEFINITELY a desperate measure.

But its mostly the first week that is SO miserable and hard!!

I am SOOO thankful for my loving family and in laws that are pretty much beckoning to my EVERY need. Its hard asking so much of people but i am SO SO appreciative.
My babies are very loved and well taken care of, which makes a hard situation easier :))
Next post will be the reveal of my tummy and my DISASTROUS shower
 that i was SO stoked for :(

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