Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Im Getting A Tummy Tuck {Lets Chat About It}

If you missed the 2 posts leading up to this, here's the links:

Ok. So im getting a tummy tuck. Tomorrow.
I wanted to wait till last minute to announce it because i wanted it to be a decision i made ALL on my own! I didnt want outside opinions to persuade me FOR or against.

This all started in January. I was thinking about having it done. Knew of a close friend who had one done. So i got her surgeons info, and set a consultation date. When i met with my surgeon, he was VERY informative. Explained the surgery itself, scars, follow ups, recovery time, how to prepare, things like that. He made me feel really comfortable and informed. Looked at my tummy, took pics, and said to call if i wanted to set up the surgery. I didnt feel pressured at all.

So for the last few months, ive been thinking, researching, finding pro's, con's. Good and bad. Looked up youtube videos of people who've had it done. Their recovery time, pain levels, tips, suggestions, regrets, etc. NO ONE regretted their tummy tuck (unless they went to a bad surgeon).

I even search all info on my surgeon. Reviews, portfolios (even though i looked through one at the consult), things like that. My surgeon came recommended from a close friend. Ive seen her results in person. I already knew he was good. But in my researching... it solidified his amazingness. 
He's an older guy. Very experienced. Best in my county for YEARS! He had so many plaques and awards. A little more expensive.. but surgery is NOT something to go cheap on.

So i decided to do it.

Im being so open and honest with this journey for ME.
I want to document it for one.
For 2, i just want people to understand, for ME.

Ive become so adapt and got so good at hiding things, that people really just were confused and didnt understand. Until i showed them.
I also just wanted to put my story out there to explain that I've tried everything. Healthy living has been my lifestyle for the last 4 years. Ive accomplished so much and done a complete 180 with my health... and i just want to feel normal. I want to be proud of all my hard work. Not reminded of it hanging on my body.

I made this video for my vlog channel. Just a heart to heart on my decision.
Sorry it got kinda lengthy (9:44 min)
But it was good for me getting it all out and explaining all the emotions.

Wish me luck!
Ill update as soon as im able to.
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