Monday, April 1, 2013


Lets have a little heart to heart.

Ive been trying to write this post for days.
Ive written it, re-written it. Gone in 50 different directions with it.

Lately I've been feeling so "disconnected". 
Im trying to figure out WHY. Im trying to figure out how to handle it. How to fix it.

Blogging is my journal. Its just how i express myself best.
The reason why I've struggled with this post and re-written it so many times is becuase i'm not allowed to write. Im not allowed to express myself. Im not allowed to be me. Flat out. It is what it is.

Im not going to elaborate on that cuz thats where i get in trouble. But in my struggle to express myself and trying to figure out whats going on and how to explain whats going on without pissing people off...  i decided to just briefly state whats going on instead of trying to explain.

Im going through a LOT of changes. A LOT of life experiences. And there is still a lot more to come.

Im disconnected, trying to figure things out, and figure out how to handle them..
And im not going to lie. Im having a really rough time cuz i feel so alone. I feel so trapped. I feel like i cant communicate.. and thats probably why im having such a rough time.

Im sorry if this leaves you with a lot of questions about what im going through.. but i bet i have a lot more questions then you..

I guess im posting this for anyone who cares to know whats going on.

But just bare with me for the next little bit.

Friends, family, bloggers etc..... just bare with me and promise to not write me off.
I might be a little MIA in real life and in my blogging etc activities...
But ill get it all figured out...

I love you all.... (real life and internet friends)... but just dont take anything personally...

Im just focusing on ME and my little family.
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