Sunday, March 3, 2013

Our Last Couple Weeks In Cell Phone Pics!

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Life is seriously SO good right now! We have enjoyed all the extra quality time with hubby/daddy home with us, but tomorrow its back to reality! We are SO excited for this new chapter in our life and all the things that are soon to come! We are truly blessed! :)) I hope your weekend was amazing!

Here is our last couple weeks in celly pics :)
 Saying good buy to my nappy, much love needed, not taken care of hair! (the last time i had it dyed was November 10th haha! And i finally touched up the roots on February 19th i believe! LOL. I couldnt even remember the last time i had it trimmed! look how unhealthy my ends were! haha
Fixed it! Tausha at Rockstar Hair is AMAAAZING! 
 *Throw Back Thursday.. my sexy man :))) *Baiden LOVES his big sissy! *Baiden was begging me with his eyes to give him more arms for more toys LOL. He was having way too much fun
 These two are my world!! Braylee is the best big sister. Words cant even describe how amazing it is to see your kids interact with each other and seeing your first born be so loving and be a big sibling! 
 Anna's baby shower! Been friends with this girl for 7 years now! Im SOOO excited for her to become a mommy!
 *Ive done a post on this before (find it here) but eye liner is SO amazing!! *Happy 9th bday to Kyndzie! 
 Sunday (last Sunday) lazy day! :)))
 *The joys of being a photographer. Its not all butterflies, hearts, and flower farts. #RealTalk *I have THE BEST mom! Bath&Body works Valilla Tini lotion and sparkle body spray! Its "a cocktail of fresh vanilla, creamy coconut, and lemon zest!" LOVE LOVE LOVE!
 Getting a second opinion on Baiden's development and helmet deal! Ill do a post on it.. Basically, we are in the clear :))
 In LOOOOOVE with my new NEON pink hoody! Thank you Long Hair Dont Care!!
Go to to get yours! So many colors!
March Makeup challenge on instagram! Day 1 (right pic) Pink! Tried this new pink lip gloss. not really a fan, but its growing on me. *Day 2 (left pic) Lashes! first off, i LOVE my new eye makeup! Second, those are NOT fake lashes! And my natural lashes are NOT long and thick. Ill do a video on how i get my lashes! Subscribe to my Youtube channel so you dont miss out! 
SUNDAY! (today). Sundays have become my favorite day of the week!
*Breaking Dawn with my hubby!!! *Baiden got SO giddy over supercross! i think we are in trouble!

"Life is beautiful"
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