Thursday, March 14, 2013

Google Reader Uproar!! {Do You like Me?)

Im sure all you are hearing about today in the blogging world is that in July.. Google reader will not be available anymore. And i for one dont really know what that will do to my blog stats...

But when GFC (google friend connect) was taken away from non google accounts (bloggers who dont blog through google, aka, blogger).. my stats PLUMMETED!
And i hear GFC will be gone soon after that (so sad!)

And all that means, and all i even care for, if that people who enjoyed to read my blog... no longer could! I know id be upset if i all the sudden couldnt catch up on my favorite blogs!

i am posting this post as a warning i guess!

If you like reading Young&Restless blog, and don't want it to disappear out of your feed in the future.. 
you have some other options :))

Make sure you follow through these so that i dont just disappear from you when this happens! Cuz lets be honest... we all read A LOT of blogs.. we wont remember all of them when its gone! Lets start our back up plan!

How can you handle missing out on THAT^^
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