Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Gay Rights {A World So Hateful}

This post is NOT a debate on whether being "gay" is wrong or right.
Any hateful, rude, & ignorant comments about gays will NOT be published.

Im not going to talk about my opinion on it, & i dont want to hear your opinion on it.

What i AM going to talk about..
is RIGHTS. And DOING right.

Once upon a time, many years ago, black people were considered "dirty" "scum" "of the devil". They were beaten down and robbed of their humanity. Treated like dirt. They were "property" rather than people. (UGH i cant even hold back my tears).

One day, people opened up their eyes and realized its NOT right. We are to ALL be treated EQUAL!

This world is filled with so much hate! So much pain!
NO MATTER THE SITUATION, when did it become ok??

Whether you agree or disagree with gay marriage, support or dont support gay marriage.. what gives you the right to control other people's rights?!
Discrimination is NOT ok! Live your own life!

Why do people go OUT OF THEIR WAY, to go control someone else's rights? How does it effect you in any way?!

This is 2013 people! Times change! Get over it and move on with your life!

"Kids are walkin' around the hallway
Plagued by pain in their heart
A world so hateful
Some would rather die
Than be who they are"

It absolutely breaks my heart to think of the pain and agony that people have to endure just because of their sexuality.
Im not stating if i support or dont support, cuz i dont want this post to be a debate and i dont want people to bust out their bibles and start beating others down with bible verses. I dont care. I dont care about your opinion, and you dont care about mine.

My POINT of this post... is WE ARE ALL EQUALS! Love one another. No one is higher or lower than the person next to them! Whether its tattoos, piercings, gender, race, sexuality.. WE ARE ALL EQUAL! We are all human beings and deserve to all be treated the same!

Where is the love and compassion in your heart?! Dont agree with same sex attraction, THATS FINE! But you can still treat that person just like anyone else. You can still show them decency and civility. You dont have to be religious to be a decent loving person. And you dont have to use religion as a reason to not be a decent loving person.

Lets wrap this up with a quote from an amazing friend of mine.
and a random quote on FB.

"supporting a law to be passed so that we all have the same rights DOES NOT mean you don't believe in God. If you like your freedom of religion, speech and the right to marry who you love, you should only want the same for everyone else. Being FOR equality doesn't mean you have to be friends with homosexuals, have them in your life or ever talk to them, it just means you believe in the freedom this country once stood for. HOMOSEXUALITY is not a disease, its not contagious and its not anyone's job to judge. We should love one another and fight for our freedom. Religion is there for example in being a better person and loving each other, not a dictatorship. We all believe in different God's or different versions of one God, different religions etc, and we should keep fighting for that freedom!"

"If you dont agree with something then dont partake in the action. We let people drink if they wanna drink, let people swear if they wanna swear, eat junk food if they wanna eat junk food, all items in which affect family life and communities. The debate is making sure families and communities aren't affected by gay marriage. Well if that's the case then let's take fast food away from fat people. Because they are teaching their kids deadly habits. If that's the case then let's take alcohol away because there are parent that abuse alcohol while watching their kids... Bottom line is we should be less concerned about someone loving another human and more concerned about issues in our society that are causing direct harm to people like fast food, drugs, health care system, etc"

Love on people!
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